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Everyday Women Creating Extraordinary Lives
by Fran Taylor Powers, Cara Gubbins & Lourie Santulli
If you could share a piece of your life with other women, what story would you tell? Ordinary women who overcame personal, professional, and spiritual  obstacles to become empowered, extraordinary women share their lessons through Powerstories. Proceeds from the sale of this book support the work of non-profit  Powerstories Theater, Inc.
 ISBN:  1-9329930-0-2   
 $20.00    264 pgs. & 20 photos
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by Marsha Mott Jordan 
(Illustrated by critically ill children)
If you’ve ever been discouraged, this is a book for you. Drawing upon her own experiences of chronic pain and depression, the author opens her heart and life to bring a message of comfort and hope to the hurting. This book was proudly produced as a gift to the precious children at the Hugs & Hope Foundation for terminally ill children. 
**All proceeds from the sale of this book go to 
The Hugs & Hope Foundation** 
ISBN: 0-9771343-4-2     $15.95   244 pgs. 
by Judge Peter S. Smith (Ret.)
Mystery  Fiction
It's Los Angeles in the 1960's. Christina Jensen is a bright, beautiful, and very successful trial lawyer. Her ruthless courtroom tactics earn her the title, Dragon Lady. But Christina's heavy drinking that began while she was an Army nurse is aggravated when she's frequently mistreated because she's a woman. Her hard-won appointment to the bench is almost derailed, and when she makes an unpopular ruling in a high profile murder case, she must battle for her career and her life.
ISBN: 0-9771343-9-3
$17.95     300 pgs.
THE MAGISTRATES: Murder at the Rose Bowl
 by Judge Peter S. Smith (Ret.)
 Mystery Fiction
It's Los Angeles in the 1970's. The Mission Judicial District is shocked when a sniper murders a veteran police detective. A young black man is sent to prison for the crime, but a newspaper reporter relentlessly digs up new facts on the case. Is the real killer still on the loose?
ISBN:  0-9771343-6-9         
$17.95     232 pgs.
by Catherine MacDonald
Diva power is a woman’s own personal path—a spiritual transition that occurs at mid-life when a woman gives birth to her own wisdom and creativity and reinvents her life. It is the time when a woman honors her inner desires and sets out to find her true calling.  Travel along this magical journey with Sophia who finds no value, or satisfaction in her life as she meets those who have already uncovered the true meaning of life and guide her to retrieve the lost pieces of her soul, rekindle her creative fire, and recreate a new life.
ISBN:  0-9778724-2-8     978-0-9788724-2-7
 $12.95     228 pgs.
By: Judge Peter S. Smith (Ret.)
Clear, simple, powerful. A breath of financial fresh air. Over a 33-year judicial career, Judge Smith had to evaluate countless so-called “expert” witnesses in his courtroom. This expertise enables Smith to filter out the hypo, hoopla, and hysteria dished out daily by the mainstream financial news media, including a CNBC SHOWMAN. As an award-winning novelist, Smith’s writing skill makes The No BS Handbook more lively and readable than any other books on investing. 
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ISBN:  0-9800629-0-X     978-0-9800629-0-8
$9.95     144 pgs.
by Catherine MacDonald
The compelling and sweeping romance of a young widow's struggle to survive in Virginia City, Nevada during the silver boom. Left homeless, beaten and raped, Rose O’Conner reluctantly turns to prostitution.  Determined never again to be the victim, she uncovers a vast resource of inner strength in the midst of Virginia City’s turbulent times. However, she falls in love with a man who can never marry her while she is the madam of one of Virginia City’s finest parlor houses. 
ISBN: 0-9800629-1-8     978-0-9800629-1-5
$12.95     254 pgs.
Seven Simple Steps to Eliminate Stress and 
Live Your Life To The Fullest
by Catherine MacDonald
Do you long for a stress-free life? Do you desire good health, more energy, creativity, peace of mind, and a connection to the Divine? Within these pages you will learn how to live your life with less  tension and make a contribution to yourself and to the world by following seven simple steps. The Way will guide you through these steps and help you transform your life. Once you have achieved this, it will automatically travel to those around you.
ISBN:  978-0-9843558-3-9
$12.95  250 pgs. 
President Barack Hussein Obama  Has Done For Our Nation
(Novelty/Gift Book)
by Michael James Palmer
It is not the author's intention to bring railing accusations against the President of the United States or any other person in authority. However he feels that he must exercise his God-given right to speak out against evil, and his constitutional right to express his opinion. "If we give up these rights, we give up everything," he states. Give this book to you friends and enemies alike, both will read it cover to cover. In today’s up-side-down world we all need a good laugh now and then. 
ISBN: 978-0-9843558-4-6
$8.95  100 pgs.

With three mules, two horses, two sets of panniers, and a destination in mind two “Old Codgers” set out on horseback across parts of four states and three major deserts to fulfill a dream. As Loyal states in the book, "This was the most challenging thing both physically and mentally, that he has ever dealt with." This book has a way of letting you share the trials and tribulations that Bert and Loyal encountered. The author tells what it was like to travel across country the way folks traveled a hundred and fifty years ago. (20 Interior Photos) 
ISBN: 978-0-9843558-8-4
$10.95     180 pgs.    
What would you do if by pure coincidence, you found yourself in the middle of a national crisis? Framed for murder, Jake Sherman finds himself deciding on whether to turn himself in to a corrupt government agency or to use his skills he learned as a Marine and fight for his freedom and the Country he so proudly served alongside a militia organization created shortly after the end of the Civil War. With spiral turn of events that nobody saw coming, an incident that was supposed to have been kept under control leads to a life altering event not only for Jake Sherman, but for the entire United States. As the 145-year-old militia faces off with the might of the United States government and the stick of its enforcement – the military, things turn for the worse. Will, once again, brother fight against brother? 
ISBN: 9780984836543
$14.95   292 pgs. 

by Catherine MacDonald
It’s June, 1936. “The Biggest Little City in the World” finds itself in the middle of the divorce craze. While the country struggles with the Depression, wealthy people head to Reno for “the cure.” War is coming and the world is changing. Women are discovering their voices as they fling their wedding rings from the bridge into the Truckee River. Join Maggie, Dorothy, and Claire as they arrive on the Washoe Ranch to rid themselves of their stale marriages, only to end up creating lives they never dreamed possible.
ISBN: 978-0-9848365-7-4
$12.95  282 pgs.
by Paul S. Smith & Paul L. Thompson
Saddle Mountain is a screen play written by Paul H Smith and from the script written into this novella by western novel author, Paul L Thompson. From 1873 until 1907 Judge Isaac Charles Parker policed seventy-four thousand square miles, with two hundred or so lawmen. The area was called by several names, Last of the Western Frontier, Hell’s Fringe . This is a story of how two of those men, Marshal’s Ed Yoes and John Spencer, after years of service would end their long careers as lawmen with Parker. 
ISBN: 978-0-9848365-5-0
$10.95  185 pgs.

UNDETERRED: Memoirs of an Unusual Magistrate
by Judge Peter S. Smith (Ret'd.)
In 1979, Judge Smith presided over a death penalty trial without a jury. Both sides, defense and prosecution, placed enormous trust in Smith because Smith’s ruling was a matter of life and death for the accused. Death penalty trials without a jury are almost unheard of. Smith, in 1981, presided over the libel case of Carol Burnett v the National Enquirer, the  first civil jury trial to be televised nationally. From 1988 to 2001, Smith was a private arbitrator and mediator. Thousands of clients completely trusted him and paid him accordingly. After retiring from being an arbitrator, Smith wrote his first novel, The Magistrates. He entered the novel in a contest along with 750 other contestants and won First Place. He began yet another career, this time as an award-winning writer.
ISBN: 978-0-9848365-6-7
$12.95  194 pgs.

Confederate Navy Stories:
By the Men Who Lived Them
by Ross Glover

They were called pirates, war criminals and other unflattering things, but the officers and men of the Confederate Navy will be remembered as gentlemen warriors.  The twenty navy stories in this book are told by the men who took part in developing defensive and offensive weapons. Inventors of the submerged contact mine and constructors of ironclad rams take a prominent place in these narratives.