JADA  Press  Has  The  Capabilities  Of 
Offering  You  The  Following:

1) Ultimate high-standard, professional and prompt, personalized communication and assistance during the publication of your book, making the publishing process an enjoyable and fun experience for the author.

2) High-quality printed books with Custom Book Covers and Professional Formatting. All JADA Press books are perfect bound with laminated covers and come in sizes of 5 x 8,  5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and 6 x 9.  (Specialty sizes available)

3) Your completed book within a 3-4 month timeframe after publisher has received all materials necessary for the production of your book. Trade Paperback and hardcover books are printed by Lightning Source, Inc. on high quality, acid-free, book-grade opaque paper stock. All books are printed on a 55# natural shade opaque. Paperback covers are printed on a bright white 80# cover stock with 4-color covers.

4) ISBN number and an LCCN number (Library of Congress number) All JADA Press books are submitted to the Library of Congress for the enjoyment of future generations.

5) Distribution with Ingram and Baker & Taylor, the two largest Book Disturbers in the United States, which allows your books to be ordered from bookstores and libraries, as well as an automatic listings with online bookstores all over the world.

6) Unlike most publishers who use the Print on Demand printing method, JADA Press accepts returns, thus giving you a big plus in getting your books ordered by, and perhaps stocked in, the bookstores.

7) JADA Press does not accept manuscripts containing porno or hate content.

8) Copyediting - Manuscripts need to be submitted as they would to any publisher, as error free as possible; however, our copyeditors will read, and make suggestions for corrections that will, in no way, change the theme or content of your book.

9) Your book will carry the JADA Press logo; however, you have the right to submit your book to any other publisher, or publishing media, you choose while you are with JADA Press. There are no yearly contract stipulations. You can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice, and receive best wishes and appreciation from JADA Press for having had your book with us, regardless of the time period.

10) JADA Press accepts pre-released books as long as the author can produce verification from the previous publisher showing that all rights to that book have been reverted back to the author.

11) Mass media advertising for JADA Press as a whole, where authors will have the opportunity of being represented at major Book Fairs, press releases and other promotional venues.

12) High royalties (80% of net) paid to authors ninety days after the end of each quarter. By the time bookstores grab their 40% - 55%, not much is left for the author. For this reason, most authors are looking for other avenues to sell their books and that requires them having enough stock on hand to take advantage of this. That is precisely the purpose for JADA Press' alternative method of publishing - to give the author more money to work with by being able to order their books at a higher than competitive discount, only 20% above actual printing costs.

13) Subsidiary Rights - Publisher has no claim on the publication of this work in any form other than trade, softcover and hardcover American printed rights. Any other form remains the property and sole ownership of the Author. Examples: Books on CD, electronic books, books on tape, the right to publish in Braille, theater, film and television rights. 

14)  If you put your pencil to work, you'll quickly see that you will get your initial investment back in a very short while after placing only a few book orders for your own use at the attractive discounts JADA gives their authors. Authors can order books to sell themselves at events for only 15% above actual printing cost.

Note: Unfortunately, not every manuscript submitted to JADA Press can be accepted. Manuscripts are evaluated, free of charge to the author, for publication consideration.
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